Roller Boogie  (1979) U.A.  - Gordo 

Corvette  Summer  (1978) MGM - Ricci

Crazy Times (1981) (ABC) - Deacon

Just Spokes (1972) - David

Over the GW (2007) - Dr. Hiller
2007's SLAMDANCE film festival
Written & Directed by Nick Gaglia​
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 Commercial for "Gino's"  -  

"Last Chance" (1978) NBC as Angie D'Angelo                                               
  clip 1   clip 2   clip 3   clip 4  clip 5  clip 6  clip 7 

 "Stockard Channing Show" CBS  (1980) as Angelo D'Angelo 
​ clip 1  clip 2   clip 3   clip 4 

  "M*A*S*H" (2/9/1981) as Sgt. Ray Tornberg     
 ​clip 1  clip 2   clip 3 

"Crazy Times" ABC movie of the week as Deacon

"Sweepstakes" NBC (1978) as Mike with Adam Arkin

"Law & Order: SVU" NBC (2004,2005, 2006) as Lt. Pizelli in episodes:
"Strain" -   clip  
"Haunted"  -  clip
​"Screwed" -   clip

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 Co-starring w/Richard Harris        Orig.Prod./Tom Moore, Dir.   
 Orig.Cast/ Joseph Papp, NYSF  
 Gary Wm Friedman/Pat Birch        

                                                         Marcel & Eddie - Marcel - Pieces of a Playwright II- Albert Insinnia, Director
                                                         Temple of the Souls - (a musical) - Don Severo - Lorca Peress, Director  
                                                     SeaGull69 -  The Seagull (an adaptation) - Shamraev - Austin Pendleton, Director 
                                                     Over the GW - Dr. Hiller - Leading role - Slamdance Film Festival nominated film 
                                                     Landscape of the Body - Det. Holohan - by John Guare - Terry Schreiber, Director 
                                                     Clean - Daniel- Urban  Stages                                                                                                                 
                                                     Blues for Mr. Charlie - Lyle Britton - Judson Church, (a stop on the Underground Railroad, 1800's)
                                                     Trolls, the Musical - Juan, co-star - Actors' Playhouse - Off-Broadway 
                                                     Law & Order SVU - created re-curring role - Lt. Pizelli - NBC/Universal  
                                                     Pieces of a Playwright - Oasis.ny Theatre Group - Conceived/Produced/Directed 
                                                     Murray and Curry - Murray Bloom - a comedy by Nck DeSimone - diected by Rick Mowat
​                                                     Seagull69 re-visited - Peter Sorin-with Austin Pendleton- Jen Danby, Director
L.A. Co./ Village Gate Cast , Dir. Moni Yakim      
1st National Company                 
1st  National Company         
Delecorte Theater, Central Pk.
Actors Playhouse
Dennis Deal, Director        
Terry Schreiber, Director         
Judson Church, West Village       
Urban Stages
Riverwest Theater
Riverwest Theater
Depot Theatre - Rick Mowat, Dir.
Bank Street Theater, Albert Insinnia, Dir.
Gene Frankel Theater, Rick Mowat, Dir.

Matrix Theater, L.A.            Dallas Theatre Center         Dallas Theatre Center
Dallas Theatre Center
All Seasons Theatre Group
Theatre West, L.A./ Member
Betty Buckley, Music Intensive
Neighborhood Playhouse 
Sanford Meisner, William Esper
Don Lawrence, Edith Poynter, Voice
Dorothy Byrd Villard, Movement/Dance
Arthur Lessack, Speech
Over the GW trailer below:
click to enlarge
Over the GW, written and directed by Nick Gaglia  in which I play the malevolent Dr. Hiller, opened in New York on May 2nd for a limited engagement at the Quad Cinema on 13th St.  Enjoyed  seeing the Slamdance-nominated film on the big screen again.  The film sensitively confronts the subject of unethical treatment centers.  Hope you'll support it.  Nick  spoke on the subject at the New Yorker Hotel at Noon on the 2nd.
Joe Battista, Dir.  TNC/NYC              Austin Pendleton, Director
Austin Pendleton, Director
​MultiStages - Lorca Peress, Director
Thanks to Director Nick Gaglia for putting some of my work together.
          Camelot - Mordred
          Grease - Sonny
          Two Gentlemen of Verona - Sir Brilliantine
          The ​Me Nobody Knows
         National Tours
          Jacques Brel is Alive and Well...- 2nd Man
          Grease - Sonny
          Camelot - Mordred
​          New York Theatre
         The Unamerican - Elia Kazan   
         Heisenberg - Alex Priest -  Guild Hall/TheatreLab
          Seagull - (an adaptation) - Peter Sorin
          Temple of the Souls - Don Severo
          Two Gentlemen of Verona - Sir Brilliantine
          Trolls - Juan (Soundtrack avail. @
          Dreamstuff, a musical Tempest - Caliban
          Nightclub Confidential, a musical - Buck Holden
          Landscape of the Body - Det. Holden
          Blues for Mr. Charlie - Lyle Britten
          Clean - Daniel, a mob boss
          A Glimpse of the Light, a musical - Sam, a Sabra    
          Monsieur Amilcar - - Nicky, a biker
          Murray & Curry - Murray
          Marcel & Eddie - Marcel  
          The Shadowbox - Brian
          Regional Theatre
          Lenny - Lenny Bruce
          And Things That Go Bump...- Siegfried
          Julius Caesar - Lucius
          Miracle Worker, Director

Austin Pendleton, Studio Practice
Gene Frankel, Master Class
Milton Katselas
Warren Robertson
Bill Hickey
Trinity University
Dallas Theatre Center, Paul Baker
Founder/Artistic Director Oasis.ny

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As Elia Kazan in THE UNAMERICAN,  2022   2023
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Chekov's The Seagull with Gail Merzer-Behrens,  Austin Pendleton,  Byron O’Hanlon and me.
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