Roller Boogie 
Corvette Summer 
Last Chance   
Just Friends
M.A.S.H. - Depressing News (1981)
               Law & Order SVU: Strain (2005)
Law & Order SVU: Haunted (2004)

Lloyd Allen and I were doing Grease  in New York at the time...literally.  Cold burgers covered in Wesson Oil take after take.  Paid the rent.  One commercial of many over the years.  Found this on YouTube.
        Muscle Beach, Venice......right.
   Some  items I came across in my Dad's scrapbook.  Thanks, Dad.
The Westside Room of the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.  My favorite gig of all time.  Still love singing Brel every chance I get.  My favorite singer/songwriter.  Every song is a great acting piece.  Directed by Moni Yakim.
I was calling Danny Bonaduce an a**hole here.  He wasn't.
         Alan Alda directed this episode.    Very nice man.          
         Very happy to have been a small part of this history.
Trolls with Mark Baker
Caliban in Dreamstuff
Peter Pan at The Dallas Theatre Center
An elaborate production. Lots of flying and talent in the only theater designed by Frank Lloyd Wright!  Photo from The Dallas Times Herald.
Took a leave of absence from Grease to do Dreamstuff, a musical Tempest, for a few months.  Marcia Malamet wrote a great song called My Own Way which I loved singing as Caliban.  The critics loved it too.  Nice.
 An early headshot.  Bob Booker, North Hollywood, California. 1973.  
Kathi Moss.  You will always remain in my heart. And in so many fun and wonderful memories. Thanks for your love and support.  It was a party just to be near you.  You will be missed by so many.
With Gene Frankel and F. Murray Abraham outside Gene's theater in Noho, New York City.

Amanda wrote the song "The Rose"  and sings the harmony on the recording with Bette Midler.  Amanda's loving support was a life-saver for me in this production.  I was young and just a little intimidated by all the great talent surrounding me.  As a result, Brel was some of my very best work.  My eternal gratitude to Amanda McBroom.

       Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris
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GREASE'S original Cha-Cha DeGregorio and much more.
I would love to remember what this conversation was about.  I can well imagine.  I don't look too uncomfortable, do I?  Priceless and INTENSE memories. I recovered.
CAMELOT with Richard Harris
Temple of the Souls cast, Theatre for the New City