I would like to thank the host of the biggest and most popular Roller Boogie website for helping me  create this site and for lending me so many images, clips and memories of  wonderful times gone by. And for supporting me as I keep working and plugging away in this crazy, amazing business. Please visit her website.  She's done a great job.  I hear Linda Blair loves the site and Jim Bray sends her a birthday greeting every year.  I like it a lot.
The most complete, colorful and fun Roller Disco moments (and music)  of the70's  captured beautifully by Roller Boogie's biggest fan of long ago.  I must say, it was a blast shooting that movie in Venice Beach that summer.  Thanks to her for reminding me of it all in such an amazing way, 

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  • Martin Denton's wonderful review of PIECES of a PLAYWRIGHT 1 is no longer available on   The site has  recently retired, sadly.  Review upon request.  Or it may be seen on Oasis.nyTheatreGroup Facebook page.  The review of the recent PIECES of a PLAYWRIGHT II can also be found of our Facebook page.